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R.I.P. Carl

From: http://www.stagedoormanor.com/staffbbsbook.html

Date : Tue Apr 20 18:59:08 2004
Name : David, Board Moderator
E-mail Address : stagedoormod@hotmail.com
Message : To alumni and staff --

It is with a deep sense of sadness that I report the death of our founder/producer, Carl Samuelson.

Carl died this morning after a brief illness, with his family beside him.

Carl's funeral will be held on Sunday, April 25th at 10AM at the Community Synagogue of Rye, 200 Forest Avenue, Rye, NY.

Stagedoor continues this summer as a living tribute to the man whose vision created a place for all of us to make our dreams come true.

Carl's family will continue to run Stagedoor for many many years to come.

We hope that this board can serve as a place for our "Stagedoor family" to come together.


I remember when Carl and Elsie visited my house to show me a video-tape about Stagedoor when I was thinking about going. I had been to one other overnight camp, and it was something of a dodgy experience. But Carl's friendliness, and the love that just reverberated out of him, convinced me to try again. It was at Stagedoor where I learned so much about myself, and where I met my current best friend. All of that was made possible by Carl. Even though I have not been back to the camp in many years, the idea that on my next visit, there will be no Carl there is devastating. He was a wonderful man whose legacy will never die. And truly, in life, he had neither a small part nor was he ever a small actor.
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